Name Change and Neat New Places to Find My Art

I’m changing my name! My original name was Elisa Shigehiro, and that’s what I’m reverting to. This name better represents my art, my background, and me! I’m also returning to posting art on a regular schedule! I took a break after completing my first solo show, Not So Far Away, early this March, but I’m refreshed and ready to continue sharing what I’m working on. If you follow me already, you don’t have to do anything, and you’ll find my handles have simply changed. If you DON’T already follow me, find me on Instagram at @elisa.shigehiro, Facebook at Elisa Shigehiro Art, Twitter at @elisashigehiro… you get it. <3

NEW PLACES TO FIND MY STUFF: I have paintings consigned and hanging at Ghost Town Tattoo in lovely piercer Jen Hill’s studio space! Jen is also the proud new owner of Goldfish Over Okotoks, one of the series of ten paintings from Not So Far Away. I’m making more pieces to include in the series, so stay tuned for progress pics on those! Huge thank you to Jen for liking my stuff and hanging it in her space!

ADDITIONAL NEW PLACES TO FIND MY STUFF: My day job is at Rhoda’s Elegance in Okotoks, and the owner is giving me space to hang my work on consignment there! You’ll find new pieces by me there shortly, and I’ll be posting updates of course <3