#366Project #332: My nephews Duncan and Connor's requests

#366Project #332: my nephews Duncan and Connor's very specific house requests, see the block of text below. Disclaimer: I am not an architect so I doubt either of these houses make any sense and I'm sorry.

Duncan's request: a house with 21 windows, 2 doors, 1 chimney, 4 trees (1 big and 1 small on each side of the house), 2 log chairs, 3 car garage attached - 1 double and 1 single.

Connor's request: a huge house like a mansion with a front door, triple car garage, Christmas lights, 5 windows, grass and bushes, retaining wall for the bushes to go in, big tree outside, roof with shingles, chimney, icicle lights attached to the Christmas lights - double Christmas lights at the top and icicle lights around the garage, 1 window on the door, 2 balconies, a tree house in the front yard.

Drawn in Sketchbook on the Note 4. #drawdaily