#366Project #289: Sean's Roof and the Drive In

#366Project #289 of a year of drawing houses and environments, AND Day 15 of #drawlloween2016 and #inktober2016.

Today's prompt: "Drive in Creature Feature".

I went with another favorite scene from The Monster Squad: Sean's roof, from which (with binoculars and a radio) he can watch the scary double features playing at the drive in. 

I've never been to a drive-in movie. One summer day a number of years ago, my husband Chris said, "Hey, let's take a weekend trip to Medicine Hat. There's a drive-in theatre in Red Cliff, I think it's the only one left in Alberta." We drove out, got to the theatre, and found a sign on the fence saying, "Closed Indefinitely." They had played their final film screening the weekend before.

Ink on sketch paper, 6.5 x 10".